Sinkfall Recycling Skip Hire Terms & Conditions

1. Throughout these Conditions of Hire the term ‘Hirer’ shall refer to the person(s) or firm to whom our equipment is hired and the term ‘Company’ shall refer to Sinkfall Recycling Ltd.

2. The Hirer is responsible for any loss or damage to all equipment hired and will be charged for such loss or damage, together with any associated costs incurred by the Company.

3. Any damage to, loss or defect in the equipment must be reported to the Company immediately and confirmed in writing within 24 hours.

4. We will not be held responsible for any damage, injury or loss caused by our equipment unless the damage, Injury or loss results from our negligence and only then in Hire Condition No. 3 has been observed.

5. Waiting time and wasted journeys will be charged at day work rates.

6. Open containers must not be filled to a height greater than their rim. Any so filled will render the Hirer liable to an additional charge.

7. The Company accepts responsibility for obtaining a permit from the local authorities to position containers on the public highway, his signature confirms the granting of such permit. The Hirer must position cones around and illuminate such containers.

8. The Hirer is responsible for damage to drives etc and to pavements where access to drives etc has to be made over the pavement.

9. The Hirer must declare all materials to be deposited in the skip. No toxic materials to be deposited.

10. The waste shall remain the responsibility of the Hirer until payment is made in full to Sinkfall Recycling Ltd.


Latest Offers At Sinkfall

8 Yard Builders Skip

£200 inc VAT

Permit required for an additional £35 if on the road.

Call: 01229 465000

Quality Screened Top Soil

£30.00/ton + VAT loose    £40.00 + VAT in Bulk Bag

Delivery charge for top soil into Barrow is £25.00 + VAT

Call: 01229 465000