Top Soil & Stone

Whether you’re laying turf, planting or tending to your allotment we have just the products for you.  We have high quality Top Soil and PAS100 Compost, the compost is a 100% recycled product which is recycled here on site.

We can also supply you with Road Plainings, ideal for those ghastly potholes or if you require a hard standing base these will do the job.

These products are available for delivery either loose or in Bulk Bags.
Delivery charges apply.
We also have a vast selection of Walling Stone, Granite Setts and Granite Kerbs.
Please telephone the office or call in to see what we have available.

Prices (All prices are subject to vat)
Loose Bulk Bagged
Top Soil £30.00/ton £40.00
PAS100 Compost £30.00/ton £40.00
Road Plainings £7.50/ton

Delivery charges apply, please call the office for a quotation.

PAS100 Compost

The PAS100 Compost is produced here on site at Sinkfall Farm from the green garden waste collected by our local authorities, Barrow Borough and South Lakeland District Councils Kerbside collections. This is approx. 12,000 tonnes per year.

Once the green waste arrives on site, it is spread out and visually inspected and any contaminates such as paper, plastic, card etc. is hand picked out. The green waste is then stockpiled and given a unique ‘Batch code’ which becomes its identification mark, this is the start of its 12 week process.

The green waste is left to build up to 65 degree celsius, this usually occurs in 3 – 4 days. It is held at this temperature for 10 days before being turned. Once it has been turned it needs to reach temperature again before being turned one more time, this part of the process takes approximately 5 weeks. The product is then moved into another building where it is turned for one final time and left.

At 9 weeks into the process, the product is screened and separated into PAS100 compost. This is left for 3 weeks before being placed into bunkers ready for sale to the general public. During the whole process the compost is monitored and checked daily.

From every 3rd batch of compost which we produce, a sample is taken and sent to one of Europes largest laboratories for analyzation. The analyzation process takes up to another 6 weeks as the compost is tested for the germination and growth of tomato plants and weeds over a 28 day period, along with 9 other tests to measure the nutrients, pathogens and other elements within the compost.


Latest Offers At Sinkfall

8 Yard Builders Skip

£200 inc VAT

Permit required for an additional £35 if on the road.

Call: 01229 465000

Quality Screened Top Soil

£30.00/ton + VAT loose    £40.00 + VAT in Bulk Bag

Delivery charge for top soil into Barrow is £25.00 + VAT

Call: 01229 465000